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    VIV Blue VIV Blue


    Medical treatment programs can reduce biological and mental aging (De-Aging) and extend life expectancy by providing good health while also maintaining a high functioning level (Health span)

    In recent years, there has been a real revolution in global research in the areas of slowing down the aging process – even turning back time and rejuvenating both the body and mind – and extending life expectancy in good health and maintaining a high functioning level. Treatment methods, medications, supplements, and technologies have been developed to work as a direct defense mechanism for aging. Innovative and groundbreaking programs have successfully achieved a proven reduction of years in both biological and mental aging simply within a few months. The VIV Medical Center is headed by Dr. Tzachi Vider, a board-certified general surgeon. Vider is a pioneer in the implementation of these programs within Israel. The treatment plans are tailored to the needs of each patient in accordance with their current health level, mental condition and their lifestyle. The progress is monitored through periodic inspections and advanced technologies.

    Our doctors

    Dr tzachi Vider

    Dr. Tzachi Vider

    Head of the VIV Medical Center, a Board-certified General Surgeon and creator of the VIV Blue

    Prof.Rafi Karaso

    Prof. Rafi Karaso

    Neurologist and anti-aging specialist, Professor of Neuroscience and Nervous System


    Dr. Shon Portal

    Dr. Shon Portal

    Sports Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, Healthy Lifestyle Specialist

    Prof. Marina Shragorodsky

    Prof. Marina Shragorodsky

    Endocrinologist, and Specialist in Hormone Replacement Therapy

    VIV Blue

    The "premium department" of VIV Medical Center

    VIV Blue provides patients in Israel with the most advanced innovations in the field of prolonged health and enjoyable life expectancy. We have gathered the latest knowledge from studies with combined insights from the “Blue Zones” alongside ancient traditions from the east and other parts of the world. We use technologies that are the most up to date in the field, like oxygen chambers that have a revolutionary rejuvenating effect on many systems in the body including telomere extension in chromosome edges, an effect that apparently has an important impact on extending life expectancy. Our process includes advanced examinations with the use of diverse biomarkers and epigenetic clocks and the most innovative treatments in Israel and around the world, ozone injections and more. We have created a customized practical process, which provides everyone the opportunity to live a long and full life, at the highest functioning level both physically and mentally all while enjoying life to the fullest.

    We call it “Joyspan” – life expectancy enjoyment.

    What are the benefits within Viv Blue treatments?

    Feeling great vitality

    Stress reduction

    Quality sleep

    Stronger immune system

    Optimized health

    Young appearance


    Great shape

    Optimal cognitive functioning


    The method

    Tailored guidelines for managing a lifestyle that is both healthy, enjoyable, and filled with meaning and contentment.

    Treatments that turn back the clock, renew and rejuvenate many of our functions.

    Nutritional supplements, medical herbs, vitamins and life-prolonging drugs.

    Treatments to help care for our appearance and preserve our physical and cognitive abilities.

    Monitoring for disease prevention and making necessary adjustments in the treatment plan and lifestyle personal to the individual.

    Blue’s uniqueness. The personalization of VIV Blue

    The tailormade experience provided for each patient and ongoing monitoring.

    Advice and guidance from the best experts in the country in a variety of fields.

    Special and advanced drugs through special imports.

    If needed, treatments at groundbreaking medical centers abroad.

    Content filled events and meetings with both homogeneous and coveted social circles.

    Organized trips to luxury resorts around the world.

    The types of diagnoses we make

    • Comprehensive blood tests in a private lab
    • Exertional heart test. based AI
    • Anti-aging diagnosis
    • Aesthetic diagnosis of face and body
    • Cognitive diagnosis
    • Diagnosis and monitoring of sleep quality
    • Mood Diagnosis
    • Neurotransmitters Diagnosis
    • Hormonal diagnosis
    • Nutritional diagnosis
    • Metabolism diagnosis
    • Examinations of various technological device eligibility
    • Measurements and x-rays of about 40 different parameters in the body with the use of an Evolt360 device

    Several of the VIV Blue Technologies Used


    Body diagnostic and monitoring technology. A “Biological age” test, that examines an individual’s BMI, balance between right and left hand, fat and muscle levels, minerals, how much water appears in the body cells, how many calories can be eaten, how many proteins the body needs..

    Ozone Infusion

    Ozone gas (O3) is a completely natural gas, which binds to pollutants in the air and is used as a natural tool for purifying the atmosphere. Its antiseptic ability, makes it very effective in the medical world, following its ability to destroy any contamination in the body: from bacteria, all the way to fungi and including viruses. “The huge advantage of ozone gas,” says Dr. Yosef Dayan, “is that it is one of the most powerful substances in nature, which enters the human body and creates a vital chemical reaction without harming it, when in fact, it decomposes within minutes to oxygen.”

    Vitamin and mineral infusions

    The practice is based on giving a vitamin and mineral infusion straight into a vein. The infusion that goes straight into the bloodstream produces in the patients a sense of alertness, energy, strength and gives them a better general feeling over several days to weeks after the treatment. The method of treatment, according to which the vitamins and minerals given into a vein, reach the blood system in their entirety, allows one hundred percent absorption, because the substances do not have to go through the filtration process that originates in the digestive system. The infusion solution consists of a saline solution, rich in vitamins such as, amino acids, omega three and six, a complex of vitamin D, A and K, a complex of vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, iron – and of course it is specifically tailored to the patient. 

    Airspace oxygen chambers 

    Hyperbaric therapy – oxygen chambers both at atmospheric pressure and at moderate pressure. An hour-and-a-half treatment in which the patient aims to see oxygen at a concentration approaching 100% (compared to as little as -21% in the outdoor air). Oxygen flooding of body cells and tissues is beneficial for a range of processes: improving thinking, memory, focus and concentration, sleep quality, heals wounds, helps surgery recovery, skin rejuvenation and generally, the anti-aging processes that helps keep the body young compared to its biological age.

    My Medi

    The first app in Israel for guided meditations in the Hebrew language that is also suitable for beginners.


    Cognitive practice software for improving brain activity.


    The MSL chair BTL EMSella that was developed as a solution for those suffering from pelvic floor weakness and symbolizes a breakthrough and revolution. It supports men’s pelvic floor muscle and increases the rate of blood flow to pelvic organs which also helps for sex. Additionally, this chair has been proven to provide solutions to urinary leakage challenges without invasive surgery. Each treatment lasts only about 28 minutes while patients are fully clothed and experiencing no pain.


    EMSCULPT ™ is a revolutionary device that works with high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) that activates muscles in different areas of the body without having us exhaust such muscles during sports activities. Equivalent to 20k squats and 20k butt exercises.


    Does your sleep include all the essential sleep cycles? For people who do not reach a deep sleep during their normal cyclical stages, and wake up tired with a lack of energy, their sleep hygiene may also need treatment.

     Sleep Tracking Mat

    This mat monitors for sleep disorders during an individual’s slumber. The straps that lie underneath the mattress transmits information to an application about our breathing properties as you sleep. Then a sophisticated algorithm analyzes the breathing pattern during such sleep and has the ability to indicate if there are abnormalities and as a result provides warning of life-threatening breathing during a patient’s sleep.

    Garmin Watch

    A watch with the real-time monitoring of sports and fitness metrics and a variety of other applications that help contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Dr. Tzachi Vider on his professional philosophy

    “As I approached fifty, I woke up one morning and looked at myself in the mirror and realized that something in my life had to change. I felt a decline in my athletic abilities and my back ached from the countless hours of strenuous work in my clinic, my quality of sleep was also not at its best and my body was no longer as full of energy like I was used to only just a mere decade before. I was concerned. I realized that I had to preserve the existing level of functionality in my life, and this motivated me to go out and explore optimal methods in which to stop the natural process of physical and mental exhaustion. I discovered that not only is it possible to maintain both maximum physical and mental functionality, but it is also possible to turn back the wheel. Today I am 62 years old, but after making changes to my lifestyle in addition to proper nutrition and sports activities, pressure conditions, hormonal balance, cold exposure and more, my body’s biological age and mind is much younger in accordance with precise and measurable scientific parameters.


    I have researched the secrets of “blue zones”, a small number of communities in the world, where residents live beyond the age of 100 in optimal health. Additionally, I have studied the secrets of the holistic therapies of both the Far East and the Southwest which, are responsible in part for why life expectancy in Japan is among the highest in the world.

    I have been exposed to advanced and diverse reverse aging technologies, which contribute to the process of turning back the clock on one’s age and optimizing both the body and mind. I have found diagnostic methods in integrative medicine that were unfamiliar to me in the past, despite my many years of experience in conventional medicine. Taking this knowledge, I have now customized a diagnostic system for each individual in which emphasizes their exact and unique needs.

    This medicine is made possible in the third millennium thanks to the information systems known as ‘Big Data’ – endless data that flows from all over the world and allows for the understanding and refinement of everything we have come to know beforehand about medicine, disease prevention and keeping the body young and refined.


    Throughout a period of many years, I have packed all the information and research I have accumulated and incorporated it into an innovative and groundbreaking program that is the first of its kind in which defines a new type of medicine, Optimizer Medicine. I am proud to bring forth this type of medicine to the VIV Blue Clinic that I am spearheading and share all these benefits with my patients. Our goal is to turn what is called “Life Span” into a new term that contains all the values of the world of medical wellness that I wish to share with others through my innovative and world leading clinic: Joy Span. It is possible to prolong life in optimal health, but the wisdom is to do this with endless pleasure. ”

    Medical Wellness will be far greater as an industry than tech and pharma combined

    Interview with Dr. Tzachi Vider

    A man gets up in the morning suddenly, looks in the mirror and realizes that something in his life needs to change. “I came across Medical Wellness at the age of fifty, when something bad happened to me,” reveals Dr. Tzachi Vider, a surgeon, and one of the leaders in the field of medical aesthetics in Israel as well as one of the top doctors both in Israel and around the world in the field of hyperhidrosis. This was the moment I that I saw both visibly and functionally how things have become awry – my sport ability was the perfect example. Suddenly I did not understand who was staring back at me in the mirror, my back was strained, I hurt twice as much, and I was in the process of routinely losing my abilities.

    I related this moment to my father, who worked hard and at the age of 63 decided that it was enough, wanted to retire and after a few months passed away. I realized that you can with the help of simple means like sports and nutrition, go back and slow down these processes. When looking at the bigger picture, I realized that there is a lot of medical and non-medical knowledge out there, about technologies and treatment methods that can make a difference and set back the clock. “Today I am 61 years old, but biologically younger than the age of fifty.”

    It seems that recently the field of medical wellness is gaining more and more momentum, even if people are not familiar with the concept. Dr. Vider, who heads VIV Clinic, is confident that this is a huge perceptual change, that will continue to be world changing as it is to become the next new thing. It is clear to the industry that Medical Wellness is going to be something huge in scope that will overtake high-tech and pharma industries. This is where the basic needs of people come into play – no one wants to die or grow old; it is here in this dilemma that there is a lot we can do right now especially with all the accumulated knowledge acquired. Centralizing this knowledge and putting together programs that are appropriate to the individual makes all the difference. It is important to consider a person’s desires and habits, for example, whether or not such a person loves whiskey or wants to jump into an ice bath. It is crucial to understand that everything affects everything. Nutrition, sleep, sports – affect stress, and the immune system along with how we look and feel.

    How will the diagnosis in your new program be conducted?

    “We will take a person and conduct a detailed analysis that begins with identifying his desires, fears, his likes or dislikes, what comes easy to him and what is most challenging for him. A team of leading experts will then perform a series of unique tests and diagnoses. Afterwards, we will then check the same individual’s brain function, hormonal balance, nutritional deficiencies as well as his gut bacteria. Lastly, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the heart, brain, belly fat, sleep, sex drive, mood, and energy level. The process may take several weeks as a 360-degree level assessment is performed.”

    Sounds Complicated.

    “It’s a complicated program that integrates disciplines and considers social connections and parameters, such as both stress and sleep, as essential elements that influence the decisions on how to treat such a person. In modern day, a family doctor, cardiologist, or dietitian looks and tests patients with a narrow prism and we want to look at the patient as a whole, incorporating all the parts that affect him. We will put together a customized plan for both his physical and mental wellbeing. In contrast regular medicine does not integrate yoga and mindfulness, oxygen chambers and supplements as part of a person’s routine like it is incorporated here. We will bring in the experts and anyone who can contribute to that individual in order to bring him to his optimum.”

    How crucial is it to make such a personal and complex diagnosis of patients?

    “If we take a person and ask if he sleeps well or not, he will answer ‘yes, I sleep seven hours and get up tired.’ At a sleep clinic, they will check if he is snoring or suffering from sleep apnea, but here we will analysis how deep his sleep is in REM – which is what makes for sleep quality – and there are many reasons for lack of sleep quality and that same individual may not even know it and not realize that this simple lack of sleep quality affects other areas of his life. Another example is running, research conducted on excellent runners in order to see how long runs prolongs life determined that those who run moderately, between one or two and a half hours a week prolong their lives, but rather that intense running does not prolong life at all. To the contrary intense running may even cause individuals to end their life as a couch potato. This only proves that if a diagnosis is not individually determined and accurate, the results can be harmful.”

    The program is only suitable for those with financial means. That is to say, optimal health and longevity is only for the rich?

    “We are only at the beginning of the road, where we are trying to determine how we can do what is best for all patients, but, during these early stages, options will not be available for every pocket and a full plan may not be affordable to everyone at this time. Not to worry though, there will still be more specific packages available that will fit the needs of all types of patients. There are elements that will help improve the quality of life that everyone can implement, even those who are limited by financial means. The program will provide solutions on several levels and will accompany you all the way through. It is only a matter of time and an evolution process that in the beginning, first there will be more options for those who have the financial means but in the future as things progress, treatments and plans become more and more accessible to everyone.

    What a very ambitious program.

    “Very. We are developing a method here that has the ability to be relevant around the world. To the best of my knowledge, there is no other method like it that exists today. There are always new treatments and methods in development and this program is sure to interest people and therapists all over the world.

    Our goal is to produce the best program that will guide individuals seeking treatment. A small story that is a true testament to Dr. Vider’s character more than anything, as medical graduate of Beer Sheva University, who did his specialization in general surgery at Meir Hospital, he remained true to his ambitions. During the time he was chosen to manage the surgical emergency department, he decided to present an ambitious proposal, but soon realized that he was on his own when it came to his idea and that he was in need of something more than just a prestigious routine. “On that same day I resigned. I had many dreams and I realized that in the hospital they would not be able to come into full fruition, so I left. Everyone around me was sure I was having a breakdown and needed medication. “You don’t just leave such an important position in the hospital.”

    Dr. Vider, an entrepreneur at heart, set out for independence and looked for the next thing that would give him personal and professional satisfaction while also helping others. In recent years the clinic in Herzliya under his leadership, previously known as OR Clinics, is bustling and filled with patients that seek a variety of treatments in the field of medical aesthetics and advanced treatment methods using state-of-the-art technologies. Dr. Vider was even ahead of his time when he recognized the Botox trend and became one of the experts in the field. “I realized it would become a significant therapeutic treatment tool in the 2000s.” The medical center led by Dr. Vider can be proud of the treatment of hyperhidrosis that they maintain, alongside their international recognition and their Diamond Allergan Provider status. This makes Dr. Vider even more of an authority in the field but as someone who always aspired forward, it was a matter of time before a revolutionary venture captivated his mind in the field of Medical Wellness. It is Medical Wellness that is necessary for anyone who really wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and receive the information and treatment customized to them in one concentrated place.

    Is this project for Israelis?

    “This is a field that is common to all cultures, except third world countries, where only basic things can be practiced. This concept draws the attention of Israel and countries around the world and it is about time that we as doctors get to know not only what we have been taught in medicine but everything that influences and can contribute to it, such as practices from the East. It is important to leave ego behind, and be more modest once again, in order to fully understand that there are many disciplines that can do good if we focus and improve sleep, sex, memory, social connections – elements that affect overall happiness. Medical Wellness is suitable for everyone, even those who do not live in the capitalist race and in cutting edge New York, but also in Tel Aviv. Medical conventions must be treated with respect. We are progressing at a rapid pace in medicine and every year thousands of methods and devices are added therefore there is no need to compromise on the quality of technology. Technology should and can always be updated and we will make sure to receive reliable and new information based on groundbreaking research. ”

    In Dr. Vider’s case, the shoemaker does not actually walk barefoot. Today he lives with his wife of 12 years, Dana Vider, who works alongside him at the medical center, and his family living in Israel’s center. He implements what he preaches and does not advocate suffering, especially when the goal is to cultivate a sustainable lifestyle. “Some of the things I have implemented already and some I have only just started,” said someone who has adopted the holistic approach in his life. “Nutrition, sleep, sports – affect each other alongside the immune system, how we look and feel.” Dr. Vider trains regularly and combines different types of fitness practices into his routine, including cycling, weightlifting and even some exercises from the East. He does not give up on life pleasures and flies to various countries around the world from where he can also pull interesting information that can be applied to this lifestyle. When it comes to nutrition, Dr. Vider eats what he likes and admits he has stopped drinking milk, and lowered the amount of sugar in his diet, while occasionally still indulging in wine. He very much so adheres to a Mediterranean diet, sticking to a variety of vegetables and fruits. “When I look at Medical Wellness in terms of its philosophy and concept, I do not feel as though it connects to asceticism. For example, even if fasting prolongs life and can be healthy if done correctly, I will not do so in an extreme way. Nowadays I fast once a week for 24 hours and it feels great. “I rarely eat sweets – unless it’s Knafeh,” he admits with a smile.

    What would you say to someone who reads this interview and really wants to take a step but is lazy?

    “Get a coach,” says Dr. Vider, who is aware of the difficulty people have to get up and make a decision. “Some people need guidance and a ‘good morning, today we will do what we did not successfully yesterday’, in order to keep them motivated. In the program we will provide close, personal and supportive accompaniment to lift a patient’s morality and strength both mentally and spiritually throughout the whole process. ”

    Answer me honestly, do you yourself want to live to the age of a hundred?

    “Obviously! If not, I would most certainly feel like I failed.”

    Habits are what will prolong our lives

    Because body and mind are one, what you neglect today will take a toll on you in a few years. To balance the demanding and stressful lifestyle, you need to take care of your health and bring about change. Sounds dramatic and difficult, no? Quite the opposite! Here below, are some small, everyday habits that, if adopted, will prolong your life.

    In mid-2020, the Ipsos website, which specializes in global market surveys, conducted a study, following the corona virus among 27 countries. In 13 of the countries, Corona was the biggest concern of the residents. In April 2020, as the virus began to spread around the world, it became a primary concern of 18 of the 27 countries. In most cases the second concern that stood front and center for many people was the future of their source of livelihood. 42% of all participants were concerned about unemployment. The five biggest concerns were rounded out by poverty (31%), financial problems and political corruption (26%) and health and general welfare (23%). Seemingly, there is nothing more logical and natural than this.

    The whole world is afraid of the pandemic and its consequences, and of course we are worried about what is happening here and now and the extent of the immediate impact on our lives, because right now the future’s problems, naturally, belong to the future. The vast majority of us live in the present or our short-term lives and try to conduct ourselves within it but rather it is better to turn this pyramid of worries upside down. what does this mean? Your health and wellbeing, the one in the world survey, ranked fifth in priority, and it should be the one that you nurture well, for the simple reason – it is you. Everything else – career, your place of residence, overdraft, investments, traffic jams, family problems and the like – are a derivative of your personal health and lifestyle.

    The relationship between longevity and lifestyle

    In this sense, modern life creates dissonance. On the one hand, life expectancy is increasing, on the other hand, the demanding lifestyle that creates stress and strain harms one’s health and so do the dietary habits and types of work that forces many to sit for long periods of time, usually in front of a computer, during the day. In Hong Kong, for example, the world champion in the matter, women live to the age of 88 and men to the age of 82. This is an extremely old age on all accounts. In Israel, women’s life expectancy has extended to the age of 84 and men up to 82. This is a difficult contradiction for the population because one may ask how is it exactly that the intense and somewhat unhealthy lifestyle that many managers keep, not translated to one’s life expectancy? The answer is related not only to longevity, but to lifestyle and the impact on their quality of life.

    This is where the long-term concern is expressed. What is neglected now will have an impact later on and will cost you greatly in a few years. The body and mind are one, as we have already mentioned before. This is expressed in the simplest and most tangible way when you cry. Emotion or pain causes a physical reaction – tears. This of course is reflected in many other parameters throughout your life. Those who eat processed and high-fat foods may develop heart disease, those who sit most of the day and have a passive body may develop skeletal problems and neck pain. In this sense the holistic approach, according to which man is the sum of his physical and mental parts, provides an accurate picture of the interaction between the body and mind. Both the body and mind mutually influence each other, and the holistic approach believes that support and care for yourself must relate to all aspects, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

    To balance an intense lifestyle, one must first understand that it is such a lifestyle. That means, looking for a moment from the side at the pace you are going, and bringing to attention, the working hours, the energy that certain actions require, the time it takes to reach certain things, what are the priorities in life and how this can be changed. It is not simple, because many are not aware of it, or don’t have the time and energy to bring about great life changes.

    This is also the reason why the field of personal health welfare is becoming such a significant part of many lives. Medical Wellness, a lifestyle, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is said to be the “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being” which includes various parameters that create our health level – nutrition, sleep, emotions, work, fitness and more. The World Health Organization refers to this as a “positive approach to life,” meaning that “you cannot choose the state of health, but you can consciously choose health by living your life responsibly and taking proactive steps for your wellbeing,” or as singer Amir Dadon sums up nicely in his hit song – “Choose Right”.

    How to live right? The five simple steps

    Thanks to science, medicine, the awareness of proper nutrition and the availability of quality healthcare services, life expectancy is increasing around the world as well as in Israel. However, in order to optimize such life expectancy, a person’s lifestyle must be consistent, and a daily routine must be cultivated. It is this consistency that helps improve health and mood so that both the quality of life and life expectancy increases.

    A study that took place over the course of 34 years, by Harvard University, including more than 123,000 women and men found that adopting five simple habits can dramatically increase your life expectancy – up to an additional 14 years for women and 12 years for men. That’s a lot. In a study published in 2018, conducted by the Chan School of Public Health, researchers found that American women and men who maintained healthy lifestyles were 82% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 65% less likely to die from cancer compared to people with less healthy lifestyles for the duration of about 30 years.

    “This study highlights the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle habits for the improvement of life longevity in the U.S population,” said Frank Hu, chairman of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard Public Health School and senior author of the study. “However, the commitment to healthy living habits is very low. Therefore, public policy should place more emphasis on creating healthy food, and socially supportive environments for encouraging and promoting nutrition and healthy lifestyles.” You, of course, shouldn’t wait until these changes occur in public policy. It is advisable to change your personal lifestyle right now to improve your health and mood.

    According to the study’s editors, maintaining five healthy habits adds years to our lives:

    Stop smoking

    Studies show that smoking shortens life by about seven years, so if you smoke it is the first habit you will need to change. No matter how much you exercise and eat healthy, smoking will continue to harm your health. Yes, this also includes vaping, chewing tobacco and or other ways of incorporating nicotine or smoke into your body.

    Exercising Regularly

    In 2006, Canadian researchers determined that “an increase in physical fitness will reduce the risk of premature death, while a decrease in physical fitness will increase this risk. Even small improvements related to physical fitness reduce the risk of premature death.” Another study, stated, that people who went from being completely out of shape to being in shape for a period of 5 years had a 44% reduction in the relative risk of premature death compared to people who remained out of shape. Canadian researchers emphasize, that studies have shown that an average energy expenditure of about 1,000 calories a week is associated with a 20% -30% reduction in mortality for any reason. Daily exercise will prevent illness, improve mood, relieve stress and do you good.

    Healthy nutrition

    There is no doubt that you will receive compliments if you say that you run 20 km a week, but if you continue to eat processed foods and high-fat foods, fitness alone will not significantly improve your health. It is also just as important to eat right. In this sense, the “Mediterranean” diet, being low in fat and rich in vegetables and fruits, has become a household name around the world as it is considered excellent for the purpose of improving a person’s state of health. It is important to note that it should be maintained over time in order for a person to truly reap its benefits.

    Maintaining a healthy body weight

    Many things can affect weight – genetics, age, sex, lifestyle, habits, sleep and even someone’s profession and workplace. Anyone who works in an office job knows this. Some of these factors can make it difficult to lose or maintain weight. Therefore it is important to be active and choose healthy foods. To maintain your weight, you need to burn the same number of calories you consume. The desired BMI range is between 18.5 and 25. Self-discipline, responsibility, awareness and adherence to a diet and an exercise routine are the key ingredients to maintaining a healthy body weight for years to come.

    A moderate consumption of alcohol

    Alcohol, perhaps contrary to popular belief, is not harmful to one’s health, assuming that it is consumed in a very moderate way. “Alcohol benefits the heart and contributes to preventing the causes of coronary artery disease,” explains Dr. Sandra Gonzalez of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Baylor College. Moderate alcohol consumption leads to lower mortality rate from cardiovascular disease. A glass or two of beer or wine a day, does not harm health and in some cases can even benefit it.

    Have you decided to make a change? Take a moment to consult with a doctor

    Seemingly it is hard to believe that it is possible to live much longer than average, but studies show that it is. Also keep in mind, that the five leading causes of longevity are related to health problems connected to a person’s lifestyle. Smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and high blood sugar are also linked to diet and lifestyle. As a result, emotions are affected as well – obesity affects body image and self-confidence, while smoking harms the body on many levels, high sugar levels can lead to diabetes which endangers health and imposes a certain lifestyle. All these things can be prevented with the help of these five habits mentioned. According to researchers at the University of Chicago, maintaining four of the five habits is enough to reduce the chance of developing dementia during old age by 60%.

    Before deciding on diet and exercise, it is important to remember another aspect that is important for maintaining your health – medical diagnosis. It is very nice to buy running clothes and start hitting the park trails or deciding that from now on you are removing sugar from your menu, but every such action has consequences. For this reason, it is worthwhile to consult a doctor and undergo a professional diagnosis or examination before making a new change. As early as 2012, Harvard Medical School stood at the brink of implementing the steps that lead to a healthy lifestyle. “Most people can walk safely, but it is best to check with your doctor beforehand, in case your legs are unstable, suffer from dizziness or are taking medications that may cause dizziness. In addition to finding out if there are chronic diseases or various heart diseases lingering.”

    Small tips for along the way

    If you are overweight, start eating healthier and be sure to eat only during meals and not in between. It is important to emphasize to not being tempted by enticing and unhealthy snacks. It is recommended to stop eating at least two hours before bed and preferably not after ten at night most days of the week. If your lifestyle makes this difficult, you should at least make sure you have a light meal that does not burden the digestive system. Here is the place to pay attention if you wake up tired. If so, you may need to improve your sleep hygiene. Inadequate sleep that is not quality can accelerate obesity and morbidity later in life.

    If you are not fit, start exercising more. It is recommended to maintain at least 15 minutes of brisk walking a day or 150 minutes a week (5 half-hour walks each). Drink over 2 liters of water a day and to check to make sure you have drunk enough, pay attention to whether your urine is clear. Good eating and exercising regularly, is positive for both the body and mind. As for alcohol, the key is to focus on dosage. It is possible to deviate from time to time, but rarely and not excessively. Remember that even if you do not always meet all five of the criteria listed here, that’s fine too. Any improvements in your lifestyle that you make will gradually improve your life expectancy. The main thing is to start.

    Surround yourself with beloved family, good friends, and a diverse community life – all of which have been found to contribute significantly to life expectancy.

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